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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 25 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A foreign type of Mistral gets to slacken off UNWIND
A number of muses at the start of 22 across on the Trim granite, on an anniversary NINETIETH
Airline would know the answer to this measurement of how long it takes an object to travel TIMEOFFLIGHT
Barman is not retiring to overseas foreign kingdom TONGA
Beastly type is an idiot boss – anyone working in the hairdressing industry will recognise this is a problem OXIDATION
Dump beside institute in urban area – put your money on it to succeed in the Tidy Towns, for example TIPTOWIN
Finish wrapping it up for a German/American sounding lover TIEINABOW
Flower heads on hibiscus cut off and cutback? Look out for in local cocktails! IRISHCOFFEES
Half a dozen turning up in Alien survive EXIST
It gives rise to a final number from a female band TIARA
It is found in light brown p?t? without foremost salt TITANATE
Legendary female intellectual working in States TITANESS
Most of the illusion embraced by Stone is of a harsh regime STRICT
Pass Mark and Earl going by car TICKET
Persuasive type in company chopper over foundation COAXER
React badly over pressure from runner CARPET
Runner from Utah heading off last before noon MATUTINAL
Ruth comes out from underneath the nine of them ENNEAD
Spike is on foot in the neighbourhood with creep, secretly TIPTOEAROUND
Take her off one horse – the type you can see from the gallows NOOSE
The Count wants to know if you still believe in God? CENSUS
They follow one disaster after another or win big with tip on Shergar CLEANUPS
They have a job managing craft types of criminal wasters around Dublin STEWARDS
Time-outs travelling with one of the tweeters TITMOUSE
Unpromising letting gun off? Lock ’em up! IMPRISON
What could be used to keep one of those Windsors in check? Open 22 across on the golf course! TIEPIN
Where do you think Humpty Dumpty and his family watch the play? Where they’re holding the early birds! EGGBOXES
Workers mellow on Artois mixing with three people in nice Union accommodation? MENAGEATROIS