Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 25 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A drama unfolding in The Fleet ARMADA
An energetic person – the one many said couldn’t be touched – is charged LIVEWIRE
Arranged break-ins with Busby BEARSKIN
Bad partner associated with ill feeling in the family BLOOD
Barman produces two types of music that could be recycled or discarded as rubbish SCRAPMETAL
Bird in the royal family found in 26 across with the queen KINGFISHER
Celebrity turns up in San Marino City ICON
Establish on the borders of Creole State CREATE
Fish starters: twenty-one to go with style of champagne served up TURBOT
Give one’s blessing to medic taking on operation in theatrical setting, that’s not the most prominent BACKDROP
Group of shops around a place keeping the faith in the units CHAPLAIN
High-flyers overseas find international racing drivers can be useful for a bit of weaving RAFFIA
Is not guilty of selling drink from old capital INNOCENT
Near Miss Best? Mates, for instance, getting job with those cutting staff! CLOSESHAVE
One of those dealing in the market switched pieces of Toulouse-Lautrec! Or Gauguin? GROCER
One of those with lots of Oscars, the fishy type, in St Trinian’s, for instance? SCHOOL
Organises publicity for New Year appeal PRAYER
Over adventurous in bay around Kuala Lumpur RECKLESS
Parents, for example, upset by vandalism DAMAGE
Part of revolutionary pamphlet – a metaphysical type that’s one of a pair MATE
Ran off with young woman briefly with right-wing dictator MISAPPROPRIATED
Raphael dismisses ale – a local beverage HARP
Ring denies adaptation is primarily discriminatory or lacking in balance ONESIDED
Some twenty per cent work in the office TYPE
Sweet talk of criminal living around Spain linked to drugs INVEIGLE
Trackers lose cars in a long arduous journey TREK
Very funny sign removed from Shanghai HAHA
Very good sporting teams – many in good form perhaps CLASSMATES

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