Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 28 2018

Clues Answers
Absolve old partner losing the head with sound quality in front of judge EXONERATE
Approach in newspaper section leads to symbolism and realism ARTSTYLES
Break in – it sounds like a car reversing inside IRRUPT
Breaks code by reading introduction to schematic and looks inside the house DECORS
Champagne and German wine? They’re a bit stalky for dessert RHUBARBS
Closes the mechanism and frame to take in EMBODY
Community on hand looking after the welfare of others SOCIALWORKER
Dinner for the swingers in Croatia with small sweet treats, of course BANANASPLITS
Incidentally, who wrote this article on what the batsman got for missing it? BYTHEBYE
Is it right to have a German in control? REININ
It’s about Ulster politician retiring to The Kingdom REALM
Mill worker has a job making a long story short perhaps PRESSMAN
Padre does badly with reckless villain DESPERADO
Relative from Copenhagen upsets wild woman from Greece MAENAD
Shopkeeper will thank you for it – it’s traditional CUSTOM
Sounds like one of The Beatles is lucky and charming perhaps SCARAB
Speculation by several banks? The same old story! THEORY
Standard report by one of the lads and one of the women taking lead in a pantomime PRINCIPALBOY
Tamara is found in container in sea-going craft CATAMARAN
Taster of The Band at college tends to inform an advocate of house party DEMOCRAT
Telling it like it is about Charlie – no argument there for the time being TRUCE
The bare bones of novel Ken stole SKELETON
The European contacts the German church official ELDER
Those fast, wild types produced The Chase CHEETAHS
Tree named after god of victory? Time to give up! ASHWEDNESDAY
Ulster bus lane potentially is not fit for purpose UNUSABLE
Well-trained cook on diet welcomes honey producer for the most part OBEDIENT
Worry about sign for a job in the butchers CARVE

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