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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 28 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
1,000 to let in Cork? MALLOW
A success story for First Lady falling into rocking chair ACHIEVER
After hours cuts tofu and piece of bacon RASHER
Article or central piece from manuscript or proofs THEOREMS
Beg judge mostly satisfied to show appreciation BEGRATEFUL
Birch or ash tree removed from weather ship WHIP
Can’t remember academicians dropping acid AMNESIAC
Denies leaving West Indies with comics WITS
Frames groups connected to a fair amount of the coup SETSUP
Heartless spy – Sam Spade – the ultimate type capable of opening doors SESAME
Herbert Rock is not the first of the older brothers BRETHREN
It’s rude not having gone out with Bellow briefly for fast time INSOLENT
Rank of local villain briefly taking Napoleon’s capital ROTTEN
Retiring assistant editor hides in a hot spot ETNA
Shannon Lee? FLOWER
Some characters in upsetting metafiction with Lady Luck FATE
Sounds of young people from revolutionary communist party getting to grips with current on some state river POPMUSIC
Starlet and fan exchanged words, in a manner of speaking TRANSLATED
State of natural selection extremes NATION
Strips off with swimmers behind port PEELS
The Gathering in The Acropolis CROP
The jury is bound to be highly influenced by this cursing heard in the court DAMNINGEVIDENCE
Those club officials initially treating backs over confident? TREASURERS
Took off with sailor and, by the way, holidayed overseas WENTABROAD
Tramp knocks back the bar cocktail WALK
Unprincipled period of time before good books DECADENT
Unstable ash tree behind square providing work for type of surgeons THEATRES
Watch p?t? and roll – neither is finished? PATROL