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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 3 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
An introduction to something more substantial from visible old city on top of enclave OVERTURE
Bizarre speech pressurizes those influencing the dealers MARKETFORCES
Casts a shadow over Dante’s ending from The Inferno SHADES
Celebrity in the foreign glossy coat synonymous with The Crown? ENAMEL
Characters in theatre adaptation getting to tramp from place to place TREAD
Copper – a light metal with 50 per cent to divide fairly CUTINHALF
Do without Regius professor dropping surprises FOREGO
Frenchman on old ship gets to scare Don Cook with tip off (4,3’1,4) MARKONESCARD
Gents whipping up the cream – the one that’s on the house but not for long LOOSETILE
Go back and forth with energy in choppy seas approaching start of winter SEESAW
Got good result with a doctor’s device doing the rounds of hospital ACHIEVED
Grown all over the place and it’s not right WRONG
Heard music producer is heading for Montenotte in Cork where social climbers presumably gather to go up in the world BASECAMP
In a beastly sense, Galway dive – perfect for one with a dirty fleece that needs a wash SHEEPDIP
It’s the epitome of elitism finishing Melodies by Byron possibly overlooking introductions to Beppo earlier SNOBBERY
Just look around for prank from pawnbrokers BROWSE
Kitty’s raising young boy employed by a wedding party – those in the union sanctioned it STOPPAGE
Model from a village in Kildare at home gradually starting to clean up MAKEAKILLING
Park near The Liffey, briefly, heading for Tonduff with one of Olive’s family PRIVET
Reporting of theory about film institute from American jazz fan NOTIFICATION
Seed of flower dug up around pasture and one park ORANGEPIP
Society in Lincoln with drunks knocking back a mineral laced with the harmful stuff ASBESTOS
Thespian misses the old country in Europe SPAIN
They’re not what one expects in the story of The Kinks TWISTS
Throws in the towel and tediously misses out YIELDS
What a nightwatchman might do for sun on unfinished strip on the Mediterranean going towards Spain STARGAZE
What you might see on the nudist beach or the public house behind The Hill – why should I care! BARETORSO
Where to find everyone with heart problem EARTH