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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 31 2018

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Clues Answers
24 across and 10 across on a seafood diet perhaps MONKFISH
Bitter type from kitchen garden envied cook ENDIVE
Broody Sultan produces them for horse in point-to-point EGGS
Concealing fraudulent enterprise outside? Academy is calling for silence! STASHING
Eagerness for American credit in volatile Italy ALACRITY
Eats a rum fudge produced by novices AMATEURS
Essentially, head chef consumed by Fifteen somehow INEFFECT
Finishes with 13 down in college COURSE
Get away from non-achievers not getting encore VANISH
Harp is drunk in father’s district PARISH
In a manner of speaking, English workers from Canterbury and Maidstone living in south east England KENTISHMEN
Is under an obligation to be heard locking up part of the vessel that’s new BEHOLDEN
It’s tokenism dismissing ties to one of them in The Abbey MONK
Left the top off timepiece – it’s crucial for getting into the internal housing LATCHKEY
Makes an impression on 5 down heading for local records PARISHREGISTERS
Mince is base for most of 14 down GROUNDBEEF
Muscular type of bachelor knocks back most of the food by the end of the day BEEFY
Opens 13 down in primary MAIN
Part of the Sci-Fi’s hypothesis produced by the group in school FISH
Principal has a series of lessons for those in Home Economics to learn MAINCOURSE
Release one of those behind bars? Presumably, there’ll be no charges for drinking this on premises after hours perhaps! FREEBEER
Sets-up firm incorporating assistance from foundation in Biarritz for those making predictions ZODIAC
She leaves osteopath for Spud POTATO
Sling out of Mulligan’s bash locally MAUL
Tease director from Ireland of The Child KIDDIE
That medley played with type of spirit METHYLATED
What do you make of 10 across – is it something fishy? SCAMPI
What do you make of 8 across in Pulp? MASH