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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 4 2018

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Clues Answers
A short part of the song for party for one of The Greens AVOCADO
Admission doesn’t include mini bar contents SODAS
All sides today physically fit SOUND
All the family around Lima employed by distillery KILN
Amidst the amoeba living on Indonesian island BALI
Artist takes bad turn at school off the main roads RATRUNS
At opening of Oresteia in Gate, the final scene is pointedly hairy GOATEE
Auction bids from both sides of North Frisian Islands NODS
Characters in Transjordan ceremony moving to music DANCER
Cultural association admits the foreign quarter provides source of lead GALENA
Devour butcher at the start of the evening for being late OVERDUE
Extract from Boris Pasternak relates to spring SPA
Goes all around Ireland, for instance, for short historic time in boat COASTER
Government attends UN summits with revolutionary lacking in the social graces GAUCHE
Is it a test of public opinion getting feedback from The Plank? SOUNDINGBOARD
It was not disclosed it was covered up by Mujahideen HID
It’s time for limits to noise pollution NOON
Joy cut toenail ELATION
Leads and tritium in recycled irons INTROS
Clues Answers
Loners travelling over the weekend with diving gear SNORKEL
Music checks broken by the high flyers on speed SOUNDBARRIERS
Nationalist dismissing station gets hammered NAIL
Nevertheless, the first lady to show off son EVENSO
New carpet all over hotel section CHAPTER
One will have to move on, as didn’t put a hand out for the bus LETITGO
Orderly produces sample of medicine attentively NEAT
Part of the U-boat hit by curse? OATH
Read someone the riot act in pub drunk before police surprise visit UPBRAID
Reliable type from Mastermind is responsible for some people hearing things on the radio SOUNDENGINEER
Ring The Bell with well-constructed article on distress SOUNDTHEALARM
Rub shoulders with tramp holding new book HOBNOB
Setting out seats for benefit ASSET
Snake in square pot TURN
Some resolution entertained by individual ONE
There’s no soda in bodegas to cadge BEG
Transfer debits for temporary accommodation BEDSIT
What you’d expect drama queen to do for old, old soldier locking up vehicle reversing OVERACT
Writing to English Liberal with chill RELAX