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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 4 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A cat in Jersey is not the first from the city CAPETOWN
A Russian rolling in dough for duck and garlic pie that’s hot OLIGARCH
A type of toast, in a manner of speaking FRENCH
Applies pressure to stop book on The Libertines BRAKES
Briefly show this is true in Brazilian capital as a result of the blame game REPROVAL
Channel 10 covers opening of Reformist Church TRENCH
Cops on strike getting stick from the station POLICECLUB
Cover up in part, pitch a tent and don’t shut up CHAT
Craving of criminal ringside DESIRING
Croaky on the radio and on local television in the trailer for Black Beauty HORSEBOX
Develop a bug for country consumed by knowledge that’s of value to spies, mostly INCUBATE
Endless music in restaurant might be the choice of sommelier CARAFE
Frets leaving shoplifters to those in the community POLISH
Groomsman dumps Norma in a haze that pollutes the atmosphere SMOG
Her career’s wasted as an investigator RESEARCHER
Hide piece of fiction – it’s despicable LIELOW
Keep an eye on those on the golf course – without them you won’t see who is approaching the driveway SPYHOLES
Living life in the fast lane at the opening and closing of bar LINE
New mark in exam, in a manner of speaking, relates to the standard NORMAL
Pass off speakers with local hum REEK
Presumably, nothing gets by this one butterfly? GATEKEEPER
Roll with innards of perch – a long, snaky fish? REEL
Serves up endless squash for one starting dinner in small amounts? DROPS
The sound of the mobile wedding band RING
They’re bound to take a shine to 21 down, 1 down and a fair amount of the others FRENCHPOLISHERS
They’re delivered by comical individuals in Suffolk, in the horsey sense, to 23 down opening stables PUNCHLINES
Turns up, a gent going to a hospital for scan on head is employed by a carpenter SHAPER
Victor is in Oregon organising, primarily, reform for head of state? GOVERNOR