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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 5 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Alchemists drop this from the caravan CAMELS
All those in favour of the foremost agent behind The Rising YEAST
Army chap corrupted by drug dealer PHARMACY
Avoid losing the head with Chuck Drake, in youth DUCKLING
Barman on the drink being miserable gets instruction to reduce overall intake SCALEDOWN
Copyright in the possession of agents for Nigella and Ginger SPICES
Covered by Count Basie? Standard – Time Out that’s popular with the Spanish! SIESTA
Detectives work out how to cross Swords DISAGREE
Doctor, officer and accountant all flying back by Concord ACCORD
Draft of Soldier’s Pay for this conflict-driven arrangement that involves the press gang? CONSCRIPTION
Fixed a hole setting up study for artist and top designer DARNED
Give a seat to a clean sitter getting rid of a strain ELECT
Incidents of nasty spies hiding most of the code EPISODES
Instrument for pain management osteopath introduced PIANO
Knocks back French drink in criminal enterprise as not working STRIKING
Local burns the dinner – even mundane starters in orange containers CREMATES
My group get to park in sight of thriller writer’s creation SUSPENSE
One employing factory workers in Donnybrook – local person with a title MILLOWNER
One relative grabbing individual on The Hill – presumably, not a Dublin supporter? Only joking! IMPERSONATOR
Pool party backfires for older party taking ecstasy PUDDLE
Posing less difficulty for loner from Sierra Leone EASIER
Previous institute got it back from Carol making it the most pressing matter PRIORITISING
Puts on school gates – designed from opening STAGES
Rival falls over in unconscious state? Force to finally change or grow up! COMEOFAGE
Roundabout approach to popular headland following Frank indirectness
Slow movement of large mythical ship LARGO
This funny stew with a bluefin TUNNYFISH
Where you’d hope to get fruit or beets ORCHARDS