Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 6 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A French chicken in the local sense – the type that’s not yellow, colloquially UNAFRAID
Commissioned piece by one out to make a killing, the mercenary? HIREDGUN
Country club near bottom of El Poblenou on the outskirts of Barcelona CUBA
Crazy bird that only makes an appearance at certain times CUCKOO
Drug business angles directed by a single criminal DEALINGS
Enlist cooks in America with sets of knives UTENSILS
Grand young woman with links to fashion editor – ultimately responsible for The Mirror’s production GLASSMAKER
Hangs around for hotel worker’s speech HAUNTS
Is always the last to arrive, as it’s never discussed in history class FUTURE
It’s about a family finishing song in back bar acting out ‘D-I-V-O-R-C-E’ BREAKINGUP
Legend is on edge and it’s not a good look? GRIM
Lots of time, in a manner of speaking, for what you and I have OURS
Not something you’d expect The Memory Man to do? Never mind! FORGETIT
Offer drugs with a needle to director producing Shot by A Doctor VACCINATED
Open up most of the drink in the French capital in Africa LUSAKA
Our musical run is unbelievable MIRACULOUS
Poor stouts found over border mostly for the holidaymakers TOURISTS
Rod Stewart is opening clubs? STICKS
Show up with former model EXPOSE
Sold drugs all around Ulster and sent to jail, as an example PUNISHED
Stay glued to what’s in The Magazine that belongs to you and don’t change opinion STICKTOYOURGUNS
That pair on the slippery slope in Kiss performing SKIS
The bark of spies infiltrated by a special police force in the past? CASSIA
Type of wine with balance, medium-bodied finish? A divine legendary type synonymous with oak! DRYAD
Victor is an old hand behind the foreign type of revolution VELVET
Warm review of pieces GUNS
Windy type from Rush GUST
Witness set to rat? Wrong! ATTESTOR

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