Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 7 2018

Clues Answers
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 = 1,250? TENTOONE
A scene out of The Road AVENUE
Colourful types perhaps – they remind drivers of Should I Stay or Should I Go? AMBERS
Delivered last order by middle of September to a primitive lad’s home perhaps BORNEO
Device for the builders is blown out of all proportion BOMBSITE
Express Takeaway for Mum perhaps? VOICELESS
Fat engineer by mid-afternoon is storing a supply of food LARDER
For example in 24 across, if it’s going to win, it’s worth backing AGOODBET
Forceful reproachful protest is about brother briefly taking position over writing REMONSTRANCE
Get in the way of writing Tenerife novel outside INTERFERE
Give out to fool upsetting soldier in the middle of panic ASSIGN
Graduate reflects on topless bathing area for everyone in a heavenly location ABOVEALL
Grounds for all the characters upsetting development authority consumed by lewd material that’s endless STADIUMS
Has natural ability to nose? INSTINCT
Clues Answers
Head of state dismisses defeat in the plot HOSTA
It’ll come out, old partner is due treatment EXUDE
It’s a mistake heading off with local rascal ERROR
It’s about model put out by the curators again REEXHIBIT
Leaves report on last cruise ship – of course, it goes down sweetly with mouthy type DESSERTSPOON
Local diamonds sourced from China originally by cool type during the summer ICETEA
Manage Mastermind? ENGINEER
Mark English takes time in Ring SIGNET
Pay for taking journey over marsh to yard outside airport GOBYTAXI
Rolls off half the oxen on Burren reproducing part of a classy scientific experiment to generate a bit of heat BUNSENBURNER
Strong point in story from religious books TALENT
Swingers involved in court proceedings? MIXEDDOUBLES
Unfinished Dublin hospital in The Hollow at Hillside COOMB
What the count is supposed to have done, Picasso did it in his painting of Guernica DREWBLOOD

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