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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 7 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A top solicitor from Kerry consumed by acknowledgment of debt? That said, with shocking disapproval! IASKYOU
Area in hospital ward for one monitoring what’s been said EAR
Blackthorn in park off hill SLOE
Certain to be removed from inside track with slide SKID
Drive a coach and horses through raised part of the vegetable garden TUBER
Every second middleman comes to mind perhaps? IDEA
Fish and boar from C?rdoba COD
Flower heads on hydrangea, aster, magnolia and heather could be new having roots in the old sod IRISHAMERICAN
Foreign squire is a racy sort RISQUE
Get cold feet from TUO? BACKOUT
In a manner of speaking, China, for example, is a free state IRISHREPUBLIC
It’s about getting to wedding in the Indian Ocean REUNION
Jack Russell’s relatives living on the island make a mistake in rows IRISHTERRIERS
Merit in travelling in the meantime? INTERIM
Most of those in 13 across produced flag synonymous with the plot IRIS
No rest at sea for the singers TENORS
One of those employed in the winery carrying old appliance for Browning TOASTER
One’s date perhaps writing for university and institute in the paper FRUIT
Panama’s coast – a holiday in itself overall HATS
People leading all sides today IRISH
Place for half of those in 23 across PUT
Posed up in Haight-Ashbury SAT
Pressure to speak up in swinger’s club PUTTER
Presumably, part of a sound system at a c?il? heard in the Gaeltacht IRISHSPEAKERS
Racer’s site is missing acre with stand? RESIST
Regret awkwardly taking in Spain with one employed in the hospitality industry GREETER
Sentry left stony broke by reserve BOOK
Some psychedelic place for consumers DELI
Spy – the one that’s lying about The Queen? SLEEPER
Square in Cairo built with aid initially from country in the European Union CROATIA
Substitute for a gent from Chantilly REPLACE
Suits leave bus station for The Garda Club BATON
The limits to data on The Web recalled by Pearl, for one BEAD
The police are looking into this area and region in the Black Sea peninsula CRIMEA
Unique introduction in Caruso medley is disturbingly loud for the listeners RAUCOUS
What those in The Media make of documentation PAPERS
What’s the point in saying you got me there clever clogs! TOUCHE
Where you’ll find those chatting in 13 across with Dell DINGLE