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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 9 2018

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Clues Answers
Bass – is a type of fish to go with top fizz in Wicklow? BRAYHEAD
Berlin put out by olive branch in the utter chaos HAVOC
Buries criminal as a result of person getting whacked BRUISE
Burly sad criminal in a foolish sort of way ABSURDLY
Cabinet order comes in front of the judge BOOKCASE
Do they really hear if anyone’s there or are they hearing things? PSYCHICS
Fear of hop scotch on rising bank PHOBIA
Have a stab at calling him after June, everyone else did JULIUSCAESAR
Incorrectly accounts for side arms going off MISREADS
Last course of order saved by ducks EVADES
Laura Cook admits starting venture at a foreign college that’s helpful towards younger family members AVUNCULAR
Loud music is coming from full house perhaps with fragments coming from Italian restaurant FISHANDCHIPS
Made fun of tenor to reduce the tension – it’s key TEASED
Make certain point-to-point is on firm ground ENSURE
Clues Answers
Mexican neighbour writing to gracious, major employer overseas USARMY
Modern artistic movement and key in rock music CUBISM
No escaping the audience here – in first for The Snapper at amphitheatre GOLDFISHBOWL
Olga protects one mammoth initially lacking instrument to calculate what’s happening in pressurised environment OILGAUGE
Possible danger taking most of organic material from a mangetout GARDENPEA
Reports Hugh Andrew over credit racket HUEANDCRY
Roman Catholics release carol for the winter season perhaps MACINTOSH
Sommelier dismisses soil for the wheat that’s used for fodder EMMER
Sued wrong officer involved in mass emigration EXODUS
Tribunes missing bit of care NURSE
Turns one’s nose up at crazy runs around park SPURN
Unfairly take the best from a Merc convertible – that’s bad CREAMOFF
What the bank doesn’t want is a family feud BADBLOOD