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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 9 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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10 across protects Tablet when a pint ends up on the floor SPILLAGE
Be resourceful enough to track down on holiday? FINDAWAY
Borders of Easter Daisy required little effort EASY
Butcher curses ad for local bangers USEDCARS
Cope leaving Copenhagen for place in Tipperary NENAGH
Express criticism of leader’s schemes in complex communities ECOSYSTEMS
Is not foolish, as one picked up in 6 down SAGE
It’s not clear if this means return of Shergar to yard? FOGGY
Laotian from international version of The Apprentice INTERN
Loses the head with appeal for physical injury HARM
One of the calls by Connacht leads to a fight in the middle of The Sportsground? RINGSIDE
Padre’s not in Departures – is that to be believed? TRUE
Perhaps has a soft spot for The Greens at the end of 6 down GARDEN
Prickly types of big-headed tramps BRAMBLES
Put to the test by surprise party absorbing head barman HADAGO
Ridicule criminal and part-time worker starting trouble CONTEMPT
Rod retires to place in England DORSET
Say it’s okay on tap and key for the odd rugby period of sluggishness LETHARGY
Source of wool in Alabama, Pennsylvania and California ALPACA
Spots pupil opening yearbook without thinking RASHLY
Starter of 6 down with Rosemary HERB
Take a quick look at issue out of sauciness SCAN
They are from Clones nevertheless ALLTHESAME
Tips for grilling langoustines dipped in some garlic mayonnaise for relatives of Iris GLADIOLI
Type of arrangement all for mischief FLORAL
What was James Gandon and others doing across The Liffey forming lasting relationships? BUILDINGBRIDGES
What you might hear at lunchtime in valley around public house in the middle of Derby DINNERBELL
Where to find Basil in awful danger, taking time reportedly from the start HERBGARDEN