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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Dec 12 2018

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Clues Answers
A US chapter rewritten for those in Skyfall PARACHUTES
Academic lost the head and got what he deserved, financially speaking EARNED
Came in first with the foreign phenomenon WONDER
Can siestas work for those who need a helping hand? ASSISTANCE
Caretakers with no career or something to do TASK
Casing for handling long-term injury HARM
Did time in detection centre perhaps and learned a lesson EDUCATED
Eccentric is first to get fair amount of the basics and a number of the elements CHARACTERISTICS
Engineering a bizarre rise is getting less difficult EASIER
Flat is laid out on one level HORIZONTAL
Guidelines from alternative Nordic site Directions
Has a hand in finding characters in Oedipal mystery PALM
In the idealistic sense, Don Quixote is one living in Italy with a short name on reflection ROMANTIC
Is capable of fiery outbursts with vice chancellors getting rid of lechers VOLCANIC
It’s the type of music that has it’s ups and downs ELEVATOR
Nightspots for the kings and queens BEDS
No basil in Islamabad for the gardener ADAM
Orson Welles dismisses lower class type LESSON
Part of the diagnosis terrified one of the family members SISTER
Polish paper from the start could be under a cloud SUNSHINE
Put down writer after abusive remark INSULTED
Put on old substitute initially during interval HOST
Senses popular legend consumed by wealth MEANINGS
Some of the water on the top of the table is the first one you’ll see HYDROGEN
Source of honour to direct Rocky CREDIT
The going rate for drugs? SPEED
The prickly types in North’s Order THORNS
You’d expect to find this in 4 down for Spud POTATO