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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Dec 13 2018

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Clues Answers
Are litres drunk by merchants? RETAILERS
Beanie sports one at The Fringe TASSEL
Blame oneself for losing the head with flighty type EGRET
Child’s pet checked by security at the airport for the scraps coming out of restaurant DOGGYBAGS
Drug-free Yank is after uplifting genetic stuff – what the weightlifters are always trying CLEANANDJERK
Extremes of ceramic art in Ottoman novel – a favourite of Andy Warhol’s TOMATOCAN
First time out with young woman from The Odyssey MAIDENVOYAGE
Grim wake distressed one of those designing the new locks WIGMAKER
Hasn’t left enthusiast’s paper TISSUE
Johnston, Mooney and O’Brien are the ones responsible for the bloomers BAKERS
Knock a Scot getting away from chain stores SHRINE
Lay down type of wine for the memorial KEEPSAKE
Lout serves up animal food for a couple of ducks YAHOO
No dating at random – am I giving it away? DONATING
One American university can and is worth copying IMITABLE
One endless account for a total review of cover story ALIBI
Paid for Hugo Boss in Brown Thomas? BOUGHT
Plot on piece of paper is laid out for a king BEDSHEET
Reads new amendment with rebutted response ANSWERED
Regular, reliable arrangement keeping the wolf from the door of stable – it’s what you want after working all week STEADYINCOME
Rejects spring is great for containers – they’re only temporary measures STOPGAPS
Sack American writers central to fashion magazine – it’s not worth mentioning BAGATELLE
Serge’s adaptation is way out EGRESS
Smells funny? Ours do! ODOURS
Turns up group holds onto address – it comes with conditions TERMS
Two family members and first son Kelvin produces material that has a number of sides to it DAMASK
Type of witness and counsel – a product of His Master’s Voice presumably? EXPERTADVICE
Worries tenor from foreign capital TROUBLES