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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Dec 21 2018

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Clues Answers
American lines out with foreigners ALIENS
Bed is large in ocean liner produced in the UK SCOTLAND
Captain of industry makes things up MANUFACTURER
Car for Frenchman in Berlin travelling at midnight in a state of anxiety TREMBLING
Condemned groper on ship – that’s a breakthrough PROGRESS
Expressing approval for aspiring model PRAISING
Get this from the bar for the swingers before the 19th hole presumably ROUND
Goldsmith outside of Trinity, for example, to speak about Union STATUE
Health charter? CONSTITUTION
Incomplete travel aid for the foreign drones MALES
It’s established, publicist released pics BUILT
Lights up small-to-medium game that needs no introduction SMOKER
Losing time sitting on the fence TRAILING
Make tracks for Playback taped around end of December DEPART
One of The Young Ones loses the head in local sleazy bar in Split DIVIDE
Orders lessons? INSTRUCTIONS
Pay attention to The Last Word – it’s the epitome of deep thought CONCENTRATED
Piece of countryside greenbelt comes with a qualification DEGREE
Popular director consumed by vain legend is coming across as an aggressor INVADING
Precinct detective is uncompromising DISTRICT
Presumably is never out of bounds in unofficial court KANGAROO
Puts on gates roughly at school STAGES
Seen cider drunk in The House RESIDENCE
Taste sample of delicatessen seasonings SENSE
Took care of business in latest mess? Give me that in plain English! TRANSLATE
Veg out with a piece of cake to chill RESTEASY
Vehicle for first team managed by school head from coastal city TRANSPORT
With these types of vacancies to fill, firing them will achieve nothing BLANKS