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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Dec 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Completely reserved by 1 across going on holiday BOOKEDOUT
Concealed perhaps the identity of The Invisible Man UNSEEN
Consider in a different light most of the actual engineering found in two ships REASSESS
Criminal is bound to win race for The House, starting speculation those doing the singing have scores to settle here? CONCERTHALLS
Discount rate doesn’t include rustic present DONATE
Engaged in 1984 to one of those working on The Paper BOOKED
Have a go at another sketch of retiring prison officer REDRAW
Hedge or an alternative for the horticulturist looking to clear the weeds GARDENHOE
Ingredient missing from Distance Learning found in the streets of Venice perhaps CANALS
Last month, old judge produced paper DECORATE
Lodger in The Shoe dated and won over Frenchman on second date OLDWOMAN
Military band in Montreal fails to get on ARMLET
Peer is well-qualified to dismiss wildlife EQUAL
Rapid decline of independent initially frustrating to everyone FREEFALL
Selectors to drop Ross or give him the seat? ELECT
Set up for take mostly on nice street for A Cry of Joy EUREKA
Stay away from First Lady over Bill EVADE
That man admits making up scoop or feature in the newspaper about the stars HOROSCOPE
The Buick stops here presumably for Amber TRAFFICLIGHT
The man in Ring keeps key that opens entrance rattling in jacket REEFER
Thespian misses the old country in Europe SPAIN
They have an impact on Features, as they promise to make changes along those lines FACELIFTS
They reject orthodox beliefs not held by philosophers FREETHINKERS
They’re intermediaries between the banks for transport workers FERRYMEN
Those holding grudges against others in the game involved with The Count SCOREKEEPERS
Unprepared for unfriendly defender OFFGUARD
Watering-hole for the highflyers perhaps and the chick from the hot tub BIRDBATH
Welcomes in America for that woman mentioned in confession USHERSIN