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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Dec 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A single time in prison cells ONCE
Celebrity extremes of Facetime FAME
Chopped up conifers provides a kind of evidence FORENSIC
Criminal despot strung up on line POSTED
Enthusiastic to geographically ignore Caerphilly AGOG
Flustered a criminal by flouting The Bills DEFAULTERS
Gets sidetracked by Poles coming off field sports DRIFTS
Hardly wrong doing the rounds of hospital ward investigating everything to do with the Knights HERALDRY
I’m teased miserably by referees MEDIATES
Knocked back sample of Pinot Noir – a fashionable type to be enjoyed with game outdoors SAFARI
Legend gets nothing from tennis, from fight in the ring or from one of the handy types in golf? GLOVEBOX
Manages to get through what 22 across does for a living NEGOTIATES
Pick over point to Bible-bashing NIBBLE
Posed for most of those overseas – it’s the talk of the town on TripAdvisor SATNAV
Put away those in banks passing the buck PACK
Recording of soldier on guard needs no introduction ENTRY
Rough partisan has ambitions ASPIRANT
School doctor leaving with sinister controller SVENGALI
Small dance opens with A Heart of Love, a fair amount of Chic and Big Spender SHOPAHOLIC
Sobers up without Rose in a number of bars PUBS
Stands out of former prisoner’s unit that’s not finished on some summit EXCELS
The nerve of local bank BOTTLE
They interpret the writings of Harry heading off with sweetheart and figures out around Spain EXEGETES
Turns over a manuscript with intent leading to a bad atmosphere, in a literary sense MIASMA
Watch golf with young woman – that’s some spectacle EYEGLASS
Water-ski dropping the wire? That’s the thing to do! TASK
What 22 across might do to stop the fighting NEGOTIATEAPEACE
You’d expect this type of person to get a rise out of broker NEGOTIATOR