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Irish Times (Crosaire) – February 1 2019

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Clues Answers
A crafty hamper contains old types of jars AMPHORAE
A foreign sauce is taking off Undressing
A French way of acting curtailed by director having no crew UNMANNED
Bar shady type over sending up father TAVERN
Caught copper cutting joint – it’s a minor setback HICCUP
Coping with what one is expected to sleep on in absurd order MAKINGDO
Covers the bun with a slice of Red Leicester ICES
Direct a course for vain model joining theatre NAVIGATE
Extract found in Tex-Mex tortellini EXTORT
Fury internalised by suffragette RAGE
Important people with enormous wheels perhaps BIGCHEESES
In retrospect, writer goes around eatery with Sully DEFACE
Iris is a bit of a looker EYEPIECE
Jumped-up biker gets out of spring break SPRANG
Lethal novel by 2 down in Vogue ALLTHERAGE
Mental acuity and limits to William Butler Yeats WITS
Really big Fords removed from bed of roses OBESE
Roller for wallpaper adhesive on the borders WAVE
Shakespeare needs no introduction to the writer behind Romeo and Juliet – how incongruous is that? ILLMATCHED
She clued puzzle to plan SCHEDULE
Something stuck in trachea can be a pain ACHE
Store scheme covers reading option for those going on holiday RESORT
Stroke by some backsliding Tralee family FEEL
Talked over difficulty of old writer joining English party up north OPENEDUP
Victor English from Takeaway turns up carrying the fish VESSEL
Weekend at side of lough with dishy type KEDGEREE
What do you expect The Joker to do in jest? (4,7’1,3) PULLSOMEONESLEG
Wild acid in California produced by a noisy, chirpy type CICADA