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Irish Times (Crosaire) – February 13 2019

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Clues Answers
Bails out women’s institute for having a word with the man upstairs BASILICA
British bird admits reading abridged version of Hamlet to an islander living in a place known for its disappearances BERMUDAN
Caught in colliery by detective with ecstasy produced for the Christmas market MINCEPIE
Credit American paper’s artistry and workmanship, for instance CRAFTS
Don’t mention the French bird spotted in children’s playground LETITSLIDE
Foreign hate group attack language content KLAN
Have the effrontery to serve up bit of horseradish DARE
Head on foxglove flower coming up is in a different class to improve FEELBETTER
Irish men married to the job FIRM
Kitchen serves up something for starter from wastelands MOORS
Last letters covered up in a French article not fit for consumption UNRIPE
Little gems from rough-cut steel LETTUCES
No menace in trace element that came in the post LETTER
No pubs in Budapest for lovely social engagement DATE
Nonsense from defensive opponent clipped and tripped initially by one whose stock is on the rise BULLMARKET
On approach to clubhouse, for instance, hit the ball with technique DRIVEWAY
Patriotism lacks spirit, a little bit ATOM
Puts the plan into action for directors dismissing four from Rome EXECUTES
Report rogue to the one carrying baggage PORTER
Shutdown a Leeds production SEALED
Some revolutionary aubergine developed for the gardeners initially EDEN
Some secret I regret of how to give up work RETIRE
Splash tonic over recipe for making lemonade CITRON
Sympathetic to sides generous to Newcastle GENTLE
To go hell for leather after being in a jam can be a pest on a date FRUITFLY
Type of drink from Greece – on the tongue it’s a very refined, clear liquid for the constipated MINERALOIL
Vetted an organisation for bad blood VENDETTA
Whistling in the galley is releasing the tension LETTINGOFFSTEAM