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Irish Times (Crosaire) – February 14 2019

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Clues Answers
Authorised wind-up over ownership ENTITLED
Bar regularly open for those going abroad LINER
Be honest – elevated accommodation left to most of them on square and American babe with the bat? TELLTHETRUTH
Big ship linked to oriental charity LARGESSE
Catholic hospital for the sick gets unit that’s a hot addition to any place where there’s consumption CHILLI
Commit perjury to contradict 14 across TELLLIES
Complainers have no spice as usual NORMAL
Fault-finding electricians seen leaving CRITICAL
Frenchman in part upset by hike TRAMP
Fundraising events peak in Scotland and the police will have a good look at them BENEFITS
Grey gaol designed with a source of water that’s frightening GARGOYLE
Is guaranteed to work trick in geometry class – does student have to explain it? FOOLPROOF
It couldn’t be further from the truth in most enormous Whopper THEBIGLIE
Link to Samuel Becket, for one, in Dublin BRIDGE
Lippy type is full of good advice in Sideways EDGEWISE
Marsh loses head a wee bit in American capital BOGOTA
One of those involved in lock-in could be beating out The Auld Triangle GAOLER
One stuck in shapeless entrance coming out of the orchard NECTARINE
Paramilitaries reject measure of intelligence from Middle East resident IRAQI
Plot is twisted in the hand of the starter PISTOL
Regard with disgust how Tom leaves bathroom ABHOR
Rust-free around port and yard – how is that not cool? SULTRY
The thieves steal them for the getaway car and, of course, they’re responsible for added heat HOTPLATES
They take a great interest in those making advances at a ridiculous rate MONEYLENDERS
They’re supposed to be better than one confusing date show TWOHEADS
Two of the Springs losing the head with revolutionary added spice to one of those making a meal of it WELLSEASONED
Type of stress, in a manner of speaking ACCENT
What someone might do to stop the fighting in Labour is in favour of what the 60s dropout wanted WORKFORPEACE