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Irish Times (Crosaire) – February 15 2019

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Clues Answers
British misrepresenting nursing leads to firings BURNINGS
Concealed peeping Tom atoning for this in the greenhouse TOMATO
Cultured bar possesses it POLITE
Didn’t ignore that man with two editors HEEDED
Double-cross local criminal on a flutter HOODWINK
Every one taking short hop in bus to The Point should have room to see the sea from here BEACHHOUSE
First person from Leeds playing the lead ELDEST
Head of state from Oregon troubled over sign from Russian leader GOVERNOR
It’s on the agenda to take the peas out of meat pies ITEM
Just out on the outskirts of New York forest NEWEST
Navajo accommodation in May in the wood MAHOGANY
Network from web in Government is having an influence on social media TWITTERING
Old female relative holds record in bathing suit ONEPIECE
One of those local hearty types from band providing material for the parade TICKERTAPE
One petitions to paint, sculp, design SUPPLICANT
Parasite and angel fish removed from fishing tackle TICK
Possibly found outside 6 down by a hard case on the coastline SEASHELL
Relative goes around yard with a measure of speed and is first? Yes, and Vaughan Williams’s second, for example SYMPHONY
Rightly taken from playwrights in Exchange SWAP
Selection drops lot of family members NIECES
Some costal kibbutz gossip TALK
Stray irritated by butterfly SATYR
Sweet type of dark brown rodent going around bend CHOCOLATEMOUSSE
The foreign women with no capital requiring seed money perhaps to get started LAWN
The nerve of local bank BOTTLE
Unanimously dismisses union for those seeking shelter ASYLUM
Where you might find some message in a bottle over the hill WASHEDUP
Young man to finally marry duke’s daughter LADY