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Irish Times (Crosaire) – February 23 2019

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An allotted space coming off the boat for workers with car meeting 31 across CATCHMENTAREA
Ban includes turning back undesirables BAR
Best leaving the base rate for the mathematician to get the measure of it AREA
Confining the movement of the bullish types in public agencies CAGE
Detective admits pay-off is for writing old scrolls PAPYRI
Don’t panic – it’s one of the problems trying to move the boat BECALM
Drunk in tears – it’s the wine RETSINA
Expose legislative type of ban OUTLAW
Fair prize for absorbing the release of gas RIBBON
Fly over nice friend from Dynasty FAMILY
Getting the bug developing what’s in 10 across, for instance CATCHINGACOLD
Guide set off alarms around hotel MARSHAL
Investor’s concern in wager leads to a cut in the stock BRISKET
June is not into blue jeans with expensive fur SABLE
Large scale concealment of vine pickings EPIC
Legal or dodgy piece of lively music? ALLEGRO
Locked up in Alcatraz in California for galvanising steel ZINC
Make up screen mostly for friend in Galway MASCARA
Meditate over fragment of Nietzsche wisdom CHEW
Metal in make-up leads to complaint AILMENT
New chair for head of theology at foundation to study philanthropy CHARITY
Pay back by track official TIMER
Pray in one place in Rome compound IMPLORE
Presumably, the trapeze artist would hope this is part of the show to grab nail with hand in the till? CATCHINTHEACT
Public house at this moment has port for a nocturnal bird BARNOWL
Putting on a brave face perhaps making up charades ACTING
Releases Aerosmith sample backtrack of The Life of Riley EASE
Remove sloe from Yule logs – it’s not nice UGLY
Representative of all the centres of Official Unionist cynicism ICONIC
Sarcastic participants outgrow Ryder Cup WRY
Some command is countermanded by Ring DISC
Stepmother lets off shot in fit of rage TEMPER
Surprise to come down with something one of the Boys in Blue has CATCHOFFGUARD
The company providing work for 22 across MILITIA
The Inferno briefly has nine in a circle that winds around and around HELIX
The princess is sensitive to one of these characters in Shakespeare PEA
Vehicle includes spectacular actress making a comeback CAR
You’ll get this with a free meal and the starters? On all the sides today! CATCH