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Irish Times (Crosaire) – February 26 2019

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Clues Answers
At the start of 12 across, staff on despatch involved in psychological tricks GAMESMANSHIP
Card forger consumed by drugs and ready money HARDCASH
Characters in Roosevelt tableau vivant reflecting major conflict BATTLE
Copy of the paper? MIRROR
Cordial produced by nice friend – a guy from The Telegraph perhaps AMICABLE
Fences off aisles to building ISOLATES
For character in Trading Places, it’s a case of poacher turned gamekeeper (4,8) ROLEREVERSAL
Give out to OAP from Palo Alto ALLOT
Giving someone entitlement to excite Nigel welcoming Bonn back ENNOBLING
Heal or cure in Asian city LAHORE
It’s a big relief reservoir around hotel is open when it rains heavily THANKHEAVENS
Judge puts away engineering bachelor offering a reduction on the tariff REBATE
Locked up in Ankara, Biarritz and in several Asian countries ARABIA
Not genuine rates laid out for the last of the fizz ERSATZ
On the weekend drop off with bags of back numbers for The Ramblers KNAPSACKS
One of those from Irish kitchen in the army is likely to be fired COLCANNON
Pheasant from small kitchen is a favourite with the players GAMESROOM
Play a disc produced by The Chemical Brothers presumably ACIDS
Put it down to writing to English emissary RELEGATE
Sally’s Oriental farm animals EPIGRAMS
Shady types from MIT not into pastoralism PARASOLS
Ship goes around a port endlessly with mythical revellers with a reputation for being drunk SATYRS
Singer in Switzerland and in Brazil set up by young male CHOIRBOY
Some of those in Birmingham rubbished cover-up in the old country BURMA
Turns up group holds onto address – it comes with conditions TERMS
Type of production from the symphony in March MASSMOVEMENT
Unconventional bar takes in home cooking on island BOHEMIAN
Walk on summit and in the forest with small dog heading off to drift onto the beach WASHUP