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Irish Times (Crosaire) – February 5 2019

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A tenor gets fair amount of tune consumed by current feelings ATTITUDE
Accommodation by Mediterranean port for those with a car is in need of repair, by the way FLATTYRE
Agree to cut corners without rest CONCUR
Canal flowing around area in old capital DUCAT
Channel 10 covers opening of Reformist Church TRENCH
Charms engineer with top-notch repeats ENCHANTS
Corrects academy workers doing a job in the station AMENDS
Duck in the swampy water heading off in flowing Lee ELUDE
For balanced characters, on foot of a line out of The Wire TIGHTROPE
Foreign footballers devour training – it’s how one did a good turn FAVOURED
Good-natured friend from Lyon is on the line AMICABLE
Greene is stupid to get a shot in the arm ENERGISE
Grow up around unstable throne with her creative force MOTHERNATURE
Hefty wine from Marseilles, for instance LARGEPORT
Inform locally about college music – it’s really cutting edge stuff, by the sound of it SCRAPING
Interfere with State’s gold or silver MEDDLE
Is missing from Bastille in the flames of Paris, for instance BALLET
Laid eyes on without nosey model IDEAL
Might have been licked in the past but won’t be licked again – presumably you got that from an old man of letters? RARESTAMP
Mishandles situation and cuts dance from schedule DROPSTHEBALL
Most of Daisy’s relatives endlessly gracious to a new international traveller COSMOPOLITAN
Must rearrange half the accommodation for the French trips STUMBLES
Off the top of my head, they’re embedded in the plot ROOTS
Olive and Laurel take data from Great Danes GREENS
Only over 21s allowed to tell the difference DISCRIMINATE
Pledge for a swinger from the board COMMITTEE
Potential victim of resistance to Russian leader in dock QUARRY
They stand up for the artists in the studio EASELS