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Irish Times (Crosaire) – January 15 2019

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Clues Answers
Admits Eoin is awake for the audience OWNSUP
Board member to consider retiring around end of spring KNIGHT
Cannot leave non-addictive type of order DIVIDE
Carol entertains women’s organisation and Frenchmen going overseas SWIMMING
Cleaned up dodgy corn seed CENSORED
Creep follows a stout dealer on local tour PUBCRAWL
Crudely checks out the lanes coming out of Los Angeles OGLES
Expose story of what one could do with scoop BREAKTHENEWS
Get a lesson on how to handle vehicle for Shakespearean character not out to do what’s expected of swinger LEARNTODRIVE
In my opinion, other spies can’t get their heads around my view ASISEEIT
It was taken from the first chap with extra small, open boat SPARERIB
Most of The Wire is a rip off from student’s jottings – the types one associates with Port Authority? TASTINGNOTES
Most of those in 21 across produced anthem about religion for one of The Libation Bearers WINEMERCHANT
Not just for fun run – it’s for broadcast UNFAIR
Piece of plot is outrageous PISTOL
Prominent type giving up on Labour, as it’s not working STRIKING
Rule from base off Bering Sea REIGN
Samuel conceals Diana’s humiliating cruelty SADISM
Shafts boss-like criminal OBELISKS
Short season for first team in Rush SPRINT
Similar to a couple of lines in pearl dress PARALLEL
Take offence at Arabian headgear BRIDLE
The average Dandy in America has good intentions MEANSWELL
The meaty type behind vocal prop RUMPSTEAK
They’re drunk in all directions around the institute WINES
Those driven types immersed in feminism MINIS
Traditionally, the first one out with head tracker consumed by wild animals at end of autumn LASTMANIN
What the police are likely to get up to provides wake-up calls for the retired criminals DAWNRAIDS