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Irish Times (Crosaire) – January 22 2019

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Clues Answers
A steady flow from master criminal STREAM
Bedouins returning and hidden in Sands Bar alehouse ARABS
Bob runs the committee without leader from party HAIRDO
Constabulary withdraws bounty for cheeky chappie RASCAL
Detective in today’s rag depicts how bad things were in 1984, for example DYSTOPIA
Determined and right to head off from capital with State’s spoils of war RESOLUTE
Expect one to get this, for example, from something Jeremiah said PROPHESY
Finish with European on holiday POLISHOFF
French paper laid out and consumed in the parlour FRAPPE
Have just enough in one’s locker to beat pacy Serb SCRAPEBY
How does one decide who is the best comedian as Behan and Beckett make a contest of it BATTLEOFWITS
Is left to roam starting off in Man of Aran ISLANDER
Kept away from sketch map of Gulf CHASM
Make tracks for Playback taped around end of December DEPART
Material is cut for delivery to your building CORDUROY
Menus are wrong for securing the online service USERNAME
Nine released from East Indian venues STADIA
No room in comic opera for cold type from summit ICECAP
On the trail of Sue from Features AFTER
Put off departure from the library READER
Request when saying goodbye perhaps to keep it short, in a manner of speaking SAYAFEWWORDS
Rib and head taken from fish – the person who took them illegally wants what amounts to a ransom to give them back KIDNAPPER
Show off deep part of the river LOUDMOUTH
Some algorithm or secret code MORSE
The man upstairs just recognises what the future holds, as the saying goes GODONLYKNOWS
They hold all the documentation for Fiat and Rover with trims BULLDOGCLIPS
Unconscious runner found behind car from independent college AUTOMATIC
With the clip of The Fly with Con Short – that’s a complete wrap! ZIPPEDUP