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Irish Times (Crosaire) – January 24 2019

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Clues Answers
A word to the camera sounds more important in the hands of chef making pizza topping CHEESEGRATER
Beastly type certain to get away from Latin-American ANIMAL
Beluga swimming around Florida – it’s a sign of a clean beach BLUEFLAG
Clears out a cute vase damaged EVACUATES
Country root vegetable with point SWEDEN
Draw from clip of Nirvana HEAVE
Drunk very sour type on site for good measure perhaps SURVEYOR
Endless men on boat in wind SCREW
Fail to get out of qualifiers with an English gentleman SQUIRE
Greet coming out of race meeting with pictures CINEMA
Had words with revolutionary getting married over a theft CHEWEDTHEFAT
Join fool disappearing out of line UNITE
Leo’s tuba played in total without qualification ABSOLUTE
Negative aspect of Ulster team on border DOWNSIDE
No sodas in boarding houses for one of those next door NEIGHBOUR
Not the sort of advice mobile sales staff want to hear from flighty type consumed by Rocky Rosen NOHAWKERS
Occupied by a thought AMUSED
Plays a leading role at The Abbey overseeing The Three Sisters, among others ABBESS
Public house on bank of river BARROW
Reason for not reporting old party in that place with musical three-piece sounds similar OFFTHERECORD
Serves stew in Limerick VERSES
Sorting out of waiting rooms is Tom’s call MIAOW
Study at home for the police in Kent, for instance TRAINSTATION
Stumbles out of small-time states STUTTERS
Those old foreign high flyers – the ones that left the neighbour’s place like a bomb hit it LUFTWAFFE
Top cobbler in footwear has skeletons in the closet SCANDALS
Treatment of old bankers gets a fair amount of headlines MEDICINE
Turn on the waterworks for last shift producing endless pieces of cut glass CRYSTALS