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Irish Times (Crosaire) – January 28 2019

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Clues Answers
A foreign Jew on the radio? That’s surprising! UNEXPECTED
A month in Jerusalem producing sample of major adaptation to send back ADAR
Church caretaker is not finished by the way ROADSIDE
College ruffles someone’s feathers over old joke by the reptiles CROCODILES
Damage and ugly decay on front teeth – presumably, this is why one is afraid to go to the dentist SCAREDYCAT
Editor hasn’t touched the film about the German to keep the price down further UNDERCUT
Emailed over tax return – it’s offensively loud! STRIDENT
Goes on to say diehard’s got no heir ADDS
How Oliver might explain his background to mysterious avid poet ADOPTIVE
Joy has times to remember going around Lima and some times to remember of late FUNERALS
Makes a great fuss of brother where French have a couple of laughs BROUHAHA
Most of characters in 25 across and 9 across responsible for putting people down FUNERALDIRECTOR
Move like a crab or bear leaving? Desirable! SIDLE
Not working in this state – 15 across will presumably look after you DEAD
Organisation gave an account the paper didn’t publish UNREPORTED
Orthodox, leading politician ties the knot with Republican PROPER
Parents, for example, upset by vandalism DAMAGE
Pass back and forth backwards in mauls? PAWS
Playing record? It could be a job for the board! DIRECTOR
Puts pen to paper in chapter house releasing speech AUTHOR
Raises donations in pub dinner INDIAN
Record by composer on the radio LIST
Reviews a couple of articles by a bishop – the primate devours it BANANA
Serves up port and crackers when it’s clammy DAMP
Some desperado ran German order ORANGE
Some people will think this is more cryptic, as it’s more demanding HARDER
The foreign copper leads new agency – it concerns gap in statement perhaps LACUNA
Verbally attacked teachers after Head removed supply TOREINTO