Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 12 2018

Clues Answers
A loud type doing security for The Doors is primed to put gatecrashers off BURGLARALARM
Buddy welcomes second manuscript of poems from good books PSALMS
Calm users are all at sea REASSURE
Canoe out of place in large body of water OCEAN
Colourful sort following trader found in 21 across, for one MERCHANTNAVY
Cunning, youthful protester starts disturbances with Mediterranean islanders CYPRIOTS
Dubs to play with reservations DOUBTS
Earl is out in the Middle East ISRAEL
Encourage suits to leave suggestion EGGON
For most of week, man the bar briefly in ship – it soothes things over SWEETENS
Genealogists dismissing sloe gin in the airport GATES
Holes for the golf clubs SHAFTS
Is irrepressible playing Leinster holding onto lead at interval RESILIENT
It never goes up in financial crash DEPRECIATION
Clues Answers
Looking for what’s in 6 down by watching the neighbours SPYING
Lounge has fashionable job for those talking orders – it will require one to be patient before onslaught begins LIEINWAIT
New patrols around American border in rural area PASTORAL
No huge problem as there’s all you need ENOUGH
Piece of countryside greenbelt comes with a qualification DEGREE
Popular writer of score INSCRIBE
Reset switch for old music system STEREO
Sing the praises of tenor in representing Leo X EXTOL
Spreads bits about regulating stars, etc. SCATTERS
Stop-start review of my copy lacks energy in The Musical Composition SYMPHONY
Transparent substance found in the pool room used by those in the futures business CRYSTALBALLS
Two pubs for one starting college – it’s savage! BARBARIC
What’s highly classified? God knows! TOPSECRET
Wild gorilla grabs a serpent’s tail hiding in swampland ALLIGATOR

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