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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 14 2018

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Clues Answers
After criminal advised it, rations what’s needed to make the bread last longer FOODADDITIVES
Allow son to get out of Solent LET
At the most, take hats off pole TOTEM
Broadcast flower in Ulster from the green city in the sun NAIROBI
Concealed by governor mandated by convention NORM
Contradict key judgement BELIEF
Cut up by mate left medicated DICED
Dealt LSD staggering around job centre SOLD
Disapproval over institute holding onto a small charge from fees for coaching clients TUITION
Employed tip to get out of dispute USED
Exaggerate what’s noticeable about American College OVERACT
Fragment of YouTube directed by retiring type BED
Heavenly cuisine prepared by Aengus and ?ine upstairs FOODOFTHEGODS
Hot shot overshadows friend heard going hunting TALLYHO
It’s produced in the cooking room by doctoring drugs and it’ll make one sick to one’s stomach FOODPOISONING
Lighten up perhaps and take the figs out of digestif DIET
Locate Dicky around yard helping father ACOLYTE
Looking back, one law for the papers celebrated in India DIWALI
Not best pleased in anodyne play ANNOYED
Clues Answers
Opposed to characters in Constantinople ANTI
Override a decision in part that’s not working DEAD
Party upset by referendum option and endless switching? Yes, it’s a long journey! ODYSSEY
Plain to see around East half of gorge OVEREAT
Popular sides today in the restaurant FOOD
Portion of the lamb graze at 17 across CUTLET
Relative is good dance partner SONG
Similar type in 31 across, for instance, is sound AUDIO
Small piece about old city recipe for duck dish popular with those who like meaty pancake BURRITO
Some micronutrients from Brazil NUT
Spread the good news in cheap complex around river PREACH
Subtle change? Pass it on again in a homely way! SUBLET
Take the top off common meadow grass for the soup OXTAIL
The digestive system of kitchen helper FOODPROCESSOR
Type of green butcher GENRE
Use this to jazz up proceedings with belly of pork starters BOP
What you might do with 15 across to give everyone a share of allotment RATION
Writing in decent novel is sort of middle of the road CENTRED
You’d be wrong to be lifted by this BUOYED