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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 16 2018

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Clues Answers
A hairdresser finally in dishevelled salon for skinheads and, by a long shot, the losers ALSORANS
Build goes around man-made lake MAKE
Charged for empty net with top missing – that’s bound to put the heat on someone undercover ELECTRICBLANKET
Come across place for right terminal COMPUTER
Confirm a bone analysis ATTEST
Drunk in Italy concealed by Douglas Timothy ASTI
Each censor sadly treads on someone’s toes ENCROACHES
Ends war amidst group activism PACT
Fruit stack in Munster LIMERICK
If this is not done, the teachers will be annoyed with The House and Labour HOMEWORK
It’s my pleasure to deliver pig chops PRIVILEGED
Let off for Passover? EXCUSE
Lift report by bishop and priests at the foundation with carnival percussionists STEELBANDS
Linesman is responsible for 17 down POET
Clues Answers
Lounge has one soft drink for local sucker LOLLIPOP
One new mediating service for sporty types of old people INCAS
One starts damage limitation exercises when one has nothing better to do IDLE
Posers would say cheerleaders empty larder CHEESE
Repudiation of record left on purpose by engineering head of research DISCLAIMER
River in Oman travelling around a zone AMAZON
Send on a wild goose chase with silly smile from director MISLED
Slag off gradualism by dangerous element RADIUM
Some catastrophe repeated and repeated in The British Commons HERE
Taken off guard by most of the Greek letter from informers all going back on word STARTLED
Top secret? Missing cop found at the side of the path! STREET
Unable to tear myself away, as I’m on the phone IMMOBILE
What people privately get up to is a wake-up call for those working for a major employer REVEILLE
Where one may paint a picture of where someone is living STUDIO