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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 17 2018

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Clues Answers
A Romanist novel produced by those working for Disney ANIMATORS
Beluga swimming around Florida – it’s a sign of a clean beach BLUEFLAG
Car instalment in The Paper TISSUE
Class of Orangeman ignoring moan RANGE
Creatives don’t get visa for Mediterranean island CRETE
Essence found in Spain, French department and in Germany EAUDECOLOGNE
Faith in money DENOMINATION
Family member to post bond RELATIONSHIP
Farewell to colourful type on the radio in Australia ADIEU
Gamey replacement for old city bishop found in 25 across, for example SUBURB
Imprudent to drop REM for one of the Talking Heads PUNDIT
It was taken from the first chap with extra small, open boat SPARERIB
Make a big effort to laugh wholeheartedly BUSTAGUT
Mole in trouble with crude types OILMEN
Clues Answers
New patio on front entrance is synonymous with drug dealing OPIATE
Obsessive type of coach is keeping an eye on things TRAINSPOTTER
Old foreign market in Dublin? RIALTO
One of the revelations of New Testament STATEMENT
One of those increasingly loud types gets credit for making scene at party CRESCENDO
Players almost score from the start, breaking new ground across the turf TRACTORS
Pressure to get into lime dress for drive IMPEL
Put one’s mark to trip out of the springtide SIGNED
Rent lemon complex? That’s some admission! ENROLMENT
Take cab from log cabins giving someone the slip LOSING
Take issue with what’s in bloom and remove CROSSOUT
Time in the latter half of the day for the horsey set EVENTING
Took time walking from port to port in busy Dorset STROLLED
Traders provide small drinks for the workers SALESMEN