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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 18 2018

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Clues Answers
Be on the lookout for rap coming out of speaker SEEK
Brave developer covers station with important segment of column VERTEBRA
Card game in Split SNAP
Cook a broth from Belgium – it’s exactly what you want to heat you up after a shower BATHROBE
Fiddle documents pertaining to educational achievements produced in Department of Music CONCERTS
Globe missing from strobe light? Find a solution to that problem at the bar! THIRST
Hesitantly drops this in an orderly fashion NEATLY
Holds the nightcap perhaps for bowler at the side of the pitch HATSTAND
Lass left fearlessly without being forced FREELY
Leave old mate behind in row with father coming back in public transport DRIFTAPART
Meant to leave statement and let it stand as it was STET
Meeting leaders perhaps misrepresented as rich CHAIRS
Neither on the right or left of where you’d expect to find the white line MIDDLEOFTHEROAD
Not to mention characters in social society ALSO
Clues Answers
One of the boys or one of the birds? WREN
One of those things the boxer might give comes as a blow BLACKEYE
Pain in the neck has initial symptoms associated with central skeleton HASSLE
Passing mention of botanist missing ants OBIT
Pat, Bert and Holly losing the head with latex producer RUBBERTREE
Provides new space for her rebellious circle at functions REHOUSES
Sheepish type in the family gets letter from Greece LAMBDA
Spoiled scene trading insults OFFENCES
The trouble with Charlie having a drug problem perhaps SIDEEFFECT
They know all about the scenes with Sandy and Fawn? BUFFS
Time in custody linked initially to illegal monopoly CARTEL
To help out criminal with expression of praise in statement CONTRIBUTE
Toffee fudge? Of course, it’s only for starters! TEEOFF
Workout around South American city leaves much to be desired INFERIOR