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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Above all, street artist is going to ball STRATOSPHERE
Angry creditor makes a scene DIRECTOR
Catch wind of initial trouble and lack of success – it could be the death of you HEARTFAILURE
Cockney is hardly a people-person protecting gangster LONDONER
Country covered up trade in diamonds INDIA
Cuban riot doctor is left holding the baby perhaps in the early stages INCUBATOR
Digs up most of the lawn for crazy source of oil WALNUT
Fellow produced a computer-aided design to train mice ACADEMIC
For those learning their lessons, Grant’s similar to one of those in 4 across going overseas SCHOLARSHIPS
Friar’s beer ingredients from Glenstal Abbey’s stores, for instance TUCKSHOPS
Hated analysis in the middle of act DETESTED
In court and in prisons or whatever floats your boat? DOCKYARDS
Looked happy in school race finishing at speed SMILED
No tin in salt mine for the consumers MEALS
Clues Answers
One of those in the park spinning spider net PRESIDENT
One of those manipulating the system to switch the jury CONTROLPANEL
Piece on The Clash leads to bitter exchange in the west GUNFIGHT
Recites novel about old secret ESOTERIC
Rewritten blog for a novice with general view GLOBAL
Runs daily and gets to ride to work EDITOR
Some characters layoff a bricklayer in construction, in the building sense FABRIC
Some mislead librarian off the cuff ADLIB
Speaking of the herd, satellite picks up current legend MOOING
Tap is not in the house or deck? KNOCKOUT
The cleverest of them all removes Spring from press cutting CUTEST
The New Yorker’s retiring broadcaster absorbs article YANKS
Vicar from Deliverance and The Sting? NEEDLE
Wrapped up by firm for a time with a colourful finish OVERCOAT