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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 20 2018

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Clues Answers
A dodgy crime article from The New Yorker? AMERICAN
A fat cat in Georgia SAVANNAH
A top Clos in Burgundy produces a biscuity type of treat MACAROON
All the crows, for instance, in 19 down and 9 across on the back wires NATIVEAMERICANS
Charity event raising funds for Aster leaving Free State FETE
Cleared out of Red Sea craft ERASED
Course for recruit playing a big part in traffic management ROADSIGN
Dietary concern for Arabian with high temperature leads to irritation during the season HAYFEVER
Don’t leave godparents the Juicy Fruits GRAPES
Flips record about a dream GOAL
For flipping crabby types, they are perfect for anyone picking up the bass FISHSLICES
Hates leaving homeopaths with something extra OOMPH
In a manner of speaking, worker lives in a castle traditionally ENGLISHMAN
Institute in Newry moving business responsible for developing port WINERY
Clues Answers
It comes as a blow to Belgian – no lie! BANG
It follows, the question is key ANSWER
Manila novel has a long sentence to do with fauna ANIMALLIFE
Megalomaniac releases income from Iberian port MALAGA
Miss Ring and Victor Ward checkout? OVERLOOK
No art in satirical piece coming from The Stones perhaps SILICA
Retiring old foreign political leader finds nationalist in local NATIVE
Reviews Indian music a couple of times, as it’s a cultural phenomenon at The Strand AGARAGAR
Seafront has no soft bank EARN
Some challenge a regulation for the fishermen GEAR
Strong wish to brief bureau representing Ireland DESIRE
The end product of using 26 across in 8 across for press release? WINE
Whip up what the correspondents produced for The Star – who will appreciate them? FANLETTERS
Work in the pool with French champion – that could be bold! TYPEFACE