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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 21 2018

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Clues Answers
”Astrodynamics Takes Off” – Scotsman and The Daily Record DIARY
A lot missing from tabloid – for example, what to do at auction BID
Abandoned in solitary confinement LEFTTOONESELF
Aggressively pushed one of the joints, ecstasy and primarily diazepam ELBOWED
Chanted tune back to drunk in Madrid SANGRIA
Didn’t get involved at 9 o’clock with Spring without help LEFTWELLALONE
Digs in the ribs with elbows NUDGES
Down in the dumps with jobseeker’s benefit and bad flu DOLEFUL
Feel bitter about bank’s research department RESENT
Found in Bluebell – a store that’s the only one left LAST
Found in transit in Dart in the past RAN
Get user off with a wave of one’s hand GESTURE
Gets carried away by lover on the run to a secret get-a-way? ELOPER
Give ground to design tree art RETREAT
Go astray with half of 23 across SIN
Had no chance of winning from the start with what Labour stands for according to leaders from newspaper LEFTATTHEPOST
Half of them from pub run away? It’s Prohibition! EMBARGO
Hard up boss produced mechanism for keeping women in one place behind The Curtain PURDAH
Initial test of type of wine from Rush DRYRUN
Clues Answers
It’s a turn of phrase belonging to quartermaster TERM
It’s about what’s not right in various plants and trees RESIN
It’s not right for all sides today LEFT
Last letters about old party scams RIPOFFS
Look for one’s seat back around Spain with figure from nerve centre NEURONE
Mouthy type upsets stern figure on the Camino PILGRIM
One of The Commotions turns up with Bud and loud music FLAP
Open bar to begin with for most of the staff in small restaurant BISTRO
Operated without rota – how profound is that? DEEP
Panel beating in the Himalayas NEPAL
Prepares to go surfing for records with type of crowd LOGSIN
Put on sample of gazpacho stock HOST
Selling out of wellingtons in urban area TOWN
Show reluctance to express doubts DEMUR
Shrug off human rights working for The Mob expected to hit targets HITMAN
Some characters develop useful work by the artist OPUS
Tear strips off Shaw leaving warship RIP
Tear the dress in the gate THEATRE
Wasn’t informed this was ditched in the wee hours LEFTINTHEDARK