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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 24 2018

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Clues Answers
A comedian working in The Balkans MACEDONIA
A small word with one of those in USA, literally speaking ABBREVIATION
Analyse the vulnerable, pathetic spy caught by Bellow losing the head PSYCHOUT
Aware of accountant from Utah with debts CAUTIOUS
Built poor structure for The Party’s Committee POLITBURO
Duck from butcher? That sounds like something you might get for a snowy Christmas! BOBSLEIGH
Flow is never-ending from artery, ultimately for periods over the day – it’s time to see a doctor SURGERYHOURS
It’s part of the drill opening bloodstock yard – that’s from the horse’s mouth, gradually! BITBYBIT
Keep an eye on swamp with great fish – it’s astonishing MINDBOGGLING
Leaves home perhaps by train with set plan TEACHEST
Left Adam Cook over open bigotry in Greek letter LAMBDA
Live with director harmoniously DWELL
Longs to get out of Los Angeles contract for Homeland, perhaps LEASE
Manchester has no hams or heart CENTRE
Clues Answers
March on Fourth of July on open space in American state MARYLAND
Mount up for a sincere groom INCREASE
New alert over initial trouble with nursery toy RATTLE
Not removed from rationale that gives you a better picture AERIAL
Powerful businessman from Greece told to let it out of the bag FATCAT
Pressure from local Garda Force is bound to raise the temperature HEATPUMP
Properly manage the pub or on your bike! HANDLEBAR
Recognition for drawing attention to wild game HOMAGE
Settling existing accounts – sounds like something pricey the economists came up with COSTOFLIVING
Shoot lots of birds after midnight GRAFT
Sounds like a film to take advantage of perhaps AVAIL
Starting trouble and argument with fan at centre – it’s what one of those on site has to handle TROWEL
The foreign copper leads new agency – it concerns gap in statement perhaps LACUNA
Trim CIA’s organisation for crossing swords in the East SCIMITAR