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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 25 2018

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Clues Answers
Bar locks in Honshu tourist SHUT
Bodyguard from concert hall embraced by tough guy HENCHMAN
Concealed by psychopath you’d come across in Kildare ATHY
Cook caters in metal container CANISTER
Father holds young girl briefly getting medium supply of blood PLASMA
Fresh mint? UNUSED
Goes up road to fully developed green IMMATURE
Graduate party includes drug that’s unreal MADEUP
Have one’s heart set on responsively releasing spoilers ENVY
Informs on old sandwich-maker – turnover might have gone through a number of hands in the store SHOPSOILED
Is suspended before Christmas for taking little bits of paper and hiding seasonal trinkets STOCKINGFILLERS
It’s off-putting in The Abbey and it’s bound to attract the whistles FOULPLAY
Lose rag in garden’s borders ENDS
Maintenance of university creates pressure on store UPKEEP
Clues Answers
No gap in the package from Madeira, for example CAKE
Pat incites trouble by preventing the spread of microorganisms ANTISEPTIC
Pay off includes great lead guitarist for an historic gig BUGGY
Poured a glass to assess the last of the blend MEASURED
Put down in old capital for the French – where? In Bath! BADMOUTH
Serbia misrepresented as poor state for boxers RABIES
Sour article from freelancer for the most part that’s not heartless ASTRINGENT
Starts cock-and-bull story in airport queue CABS
Still swallowing a fair amount of Qatari fish dish CALAMARI
Tailor-made without aide – deadly! MORTAL
Those in solitary confinement or on the outside? LONERS
Turns up, proceeds of crime found on woman leading Duma – a place synonymous with hammer and sickle perhaps TOOLSHED
Tuts leaving bus station in eastern Europe BOSNIA
US reclaims settlement emphasising divisions in church and state SECULARISM