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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 27 2018

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Clues Answers
A French and Finnish report by writer of The Castle, the famous Kafkaesque one, in a literary sense UNFINISHED
Adore what’s in Monte Carlo venue LOVE
Atmosphere produced by doctor and nice orderly in Accident & Emergency AMBIENCE
Batch sold by baker starting off between jobs BUNDLE
Beg barman for something to add a bit of colour to cheeks around mid-morning SCROUNGE
Criticises criminal study covering 1000 starting sentence CONDEMNS
Department finds E-Coli variety is passive DOCILE
Dilettante leaves industrial estate in Eastern Europe RUSSIA
Does a job designing red veils DELIVERS
Film industry worker takes legal proceedings having lost the lead in Roots, in the original sense EXTRACTION
Foreign office is often up against the wall BUREAU
Get hold of criminal in boat OBTAIN
Held out for old partner to get time when it’s all over EXTENDED
How can you think highly of a department that’s bog standard? ADMIRE
Clues Answers
Internee comes out of Internet caf? and that’s the reality of it FACT
Leak report of remarkable danger in Spud’s patch VEGETABLEGARDEN
Lets off steam at department – that’s the spirit you might play with when you’re down in the pits KETTLEDRUM
Limits M?ni?re’s syndrome going viral MEME
Lost a dreamer? Sugar! DEMERARA
Maximum going rate for drugs arrest SPEEDLIMIT
Money in a number of families provided by senior clan members GRANDADS
Names everyone in Lewis? CALLS
Nearly overwhelm with jobs in body shops for potential school leavers STUDENTS
Part of splendid lecture doesn’t work IDLE
Put on old substitute initially during interval HOST
Run one’s eyes over report into what’s prevalent in the betting industry LUCK
Sweetheart reverses car in disgust REVOLT
Tennis shoe missing? Then, rackets! NOISES