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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A small amount of money for the trip up Carrauntoohil, for instance ASCENT
Agonise over bottle of Retsina FRET
Archduke dismisses ache living on Turkish border KURD
Bar admits opening early to draw attention in small-town Spain PUEBLO
Bar in castle on holiday KEEPOUT
Bill Marsh is writing to lover ADMIRER
Born with the burden of responsibility to Commission BONUS
Club’s taking baby steps from the start for those who want to be upwardly mobile WALKINGSTICKS
Cut in credit for middleman would make you sick CHOLERA
Cutting from site report EXTRACT
Firm rejected over the top, new material COTTON
Frame missing from Afro-American musical instrument OCARINA
Gets wind of expos? relating to old energy going all the way back EOLIAN
Goes on strike locally for those looking for hikes WALKS
Half of 21 across for retiring type COT
How a thief might get his foot in the door of the bank when they’re expecting him to take the bait WALKINTOATRAP
Image is from part of Brunei dollar IDOL
Jack Argyle and Lawrence Back SOCKET
King consumed by wealth working on track exercising the boxers WALKINGTHEDOG
Clues Answers
Limit reports – one of those restricts 15 across from going further KERB
Lousy type is undercover by definition NIT
Melancholic comedian hides last colds and bad flu WISTFUL
One of those from the boxing industry in ring missing from comic strip CARTON
One of those in 30 across is on all sides today WALK
Pat turns up for short ceremony for old dishy Mexican type BURRITO
Piece of pavlova served in decorative container VASE
Praise briefly for a novice running The Fleet ADMIRAL
Sample of tapioca pudding from Cork CAP
Scrape by with energy cocktail from Spain no longer in fashion EKEOUT
Similarly in 10 across and in The Ark BOATMAN
Square in Cairo built with American capital – it’s bound to remind one of split CROATIA
State not involved in common whipping? KNOT
Storms out on customers from the snooker club CUE
Struggles with nursing head, backaches and feelings VIBES
Ted removed from wetlands in grassy areas LAWNS
They copy everything useful for speaking on the wireless? WALKIETALKIES
Turns up, police department restricted film broadcast by Scandinavian NORDIC
Weird leaving fieldwork to the ordinary people FOLK