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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 3 2018

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Clues Answers
A Bandon cast-off? DISCLAIM
A problem for the highflyers from Spain heading to Lima in expensive car JETLAG
A rotor replaced in one of the speakers ORATOR
Breaking up soils, etc., comes at a turning point in the summer SOLSTICE
Cheesy chaps in Hamlet play EMMENTHAL
Detective in car is pretentious in a manner of speaking LADIDA
Forging the art is a risk THREAT
Has the main role producing The Star PLAYSTHELEAD
High time the restaurant serves these with whoppers TALLTALES
Highlights in show live from Versailles LASERS
Hospital worker fabricated report by looking after the small charges NURSEMAID
It’s on the house for heavy smoker CHIMNEYSTACK
Jumped-up biker gets out of spring break SPRANG
Lively type made it an order ANIMATED
Clues Answers
Money in a number of families provided by senior clan members GRANDADS
Open page from one of the editions from China PLATE
Popular arrangement for the flood in ’22? TWOBYTWO
Presumably where one keeps agents out of sight – the ones keeping surveillance on The Doors? SPYHOLES
Producing a book on dissertation – it’s bound to be picked up by a man of letters WRITINGPAPER
Sample of brownie certified by relative NIECE
Samuel conceals Diana’s humiliating cruelty SADISM
Say nice things about head on carnation flower BUTTERCUP
Some deliver a token source of inspiration ERATO
Takeaway drugs for someone paying a flat fee LESSEE
Trust model to swagger one’s stuff? STRUT
Turns up broadcast, etc., on an old boat with bugs BACTERIA
Urge pool model to put this in a book at the start PROLOGUE
Women meet Panama’s shrewd types heading off with celebrity? The type escapes me! (4’1-3-4) WHATSITSNAME