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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Altogether sounded like one popular, small place of learning for one of those in Trinity INUNISON
Amuse copper mentioned in rewritten copy OCCUPY
Beg Stringer to leave greeting cards CADGE
Chart Third Reich from first of the camps to architect responsible for the visual impact GRAPHICDESIGNER
Cut out bad diet EDIT
Donald is out for nothing in particular DUCK
Donors freely welcome work at park in the spring garden SNOWDROP
Enjoying The Affair without the wife making a fuss CARRYINGON
Function for astronomer, Trim pioneer and peer STARGAZE
Gives threatening looks to beasty type left in ship SCOWLS
Half of 17 down stop discussing it DROP
In retrospect, there’s nothing in competitive games for boy-scout groups TROOPS
Irishman admits it’s kicked back over The Hill PASTIT
Just painted up job centre in Ulster and, yes, it’s significant NOTEWORTHY
Clues Answers
Last Christmas present of a winter blanket SNOW
Level the surfer is on tends to be creaky if it’s not nailed properly FLOORBOARD
Lie in wait for early morning transport with heroin AMBUSH
Ned is not in the West End for the dinner STEW
Note report by Arabian looks fishy SEAHORSE
Play truant, partly missing with older relative AUNT
Posed for most of those overseas – it’s the talk of the town on TripAdvisor SATNAV
Relieved after last month passed DECEASED
Sacramento disregards scam? Fancy that! ORNATE
School doctor leaving with sinister controller SVENGALI
Search is off – they’re found at the bank! CASHIERS
Sounds like a stone in one’s wheel cap is worrying RATTLING
Test series delivers on its promise of the sun PAPERROUND
Turns up, one going to pot in Australia paradise UTOPIA