Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 31 2018

Clues Answers
A party broadcast leads to potential scandal AFFAIR
Addict is familiar with something that is idiot-proof USERFRIENDLY
Article by Bill covered small starters of eggs benedict in a poor state ATALOWEBB
Bar elections confusing parties CELEBRATIONS
Best possible result from university for visionary IDEALIST
Brief play for everyone is a bundle of energy FIREBALL
Cast man for smaller version of The Road HEAVE
Centurions get no rest on papal mission NUNCIO
Confounded by rebellious dame holding all the letters AMAZED
Consider in a different light most of the actual engineering found in two ships REASSESS
Dramatise what’s finished by the people OVERSTATE
Get lost in Tibet? A mistake! BEATIT
Greek character captures popular wild animal RHINO
Haughty answer to diatribe about capital’s rate of growth ARROGANT
Clues Answers
Honest report from old European capital FRANC
Hop off cargo ship coming out of Cuba CIGARS
Keeps under control with messy sanction CONTAINS
Measure what you get when you buy beers in trials that affect laws coming down the track TESTCASES
Nice policeman in awful danger a fair amount of the time GENDARME
No Pinot in Appellation that’s a staple of Spanish restaurant PAELLA
Person having fling is always acting the maggot perhaps TYPECAST
Song and dance witnessed in the abbey SCENE
Spilled the beans on stakeholders getting rid of horses TALKED
Spot for a yacht crew getting away from Crimean War MARINA
Subtle reference to upsetting endless racket coming from university with the French ALLUSION
Turns up, most of the racket is from university for the French or that’s the indirect inference TOUCHBASE
Upsetting broadcast to concern women from Balmoral, in any case NOMATTERWHAT
Writing ain’t about Bob on short course with colourful swimmer RAINBOWTROUT

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