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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Before Peggy Sue got Married, for example, what was she called by Buddy Holly from the start? GIRLFRIEND
Blooming type of fussy eaters on something from the garden EASTERLILY
By taking in Trim priest and heartless vicar, father said it all BREVIARY
Come up with a plan or cop on GETTHEIDEA
Dublin footballer born and bred is right to feel down in the dumps TRUEBLUE
DUP unsettled by revolutionary paramilitaries’ reform UPDATE
English reserves bought and sold online EBOOKS
Freely use cadet schools EDUCATES
Give us a break in relation to key for fair access RECESS
Head barman gets ambulance chaser in New York to contact Universal ATTORNEYGENERAL
In France where time and place is a measurement of one’s economic value OUTPUT
It’s distasteful to offend Oxford College FOUL
It’s revolting place for small church PUTSCH
Made it a goal to get trade moving TARGETED
Clues Answers
Misanthropist won’t take oaths and the editor is responsible for not spotting it sooner MISPRINT
One of the leggy birds in Siberia lost ear IBIS
Organised proper diet for those described as owning a number of establishments PROPERTIED
Outlaw in trouble angered Spain RENEGADE
Perhaps business enterprise opens after a month MAYBE
Provides free rein for river approach LEEWAY
Sample of mementos located in capital OSLO
Small uplifting tune about long straight island SRILANKA
Some prime mover of a reminder from The Office MEMO
Sounds like Croker can be heard over The Pond FROG
Strike possibility put at risk THREATEN
Struck out by those in the Department of Transport TRUCKS
Upset Polish and English going to Australia foreign office BUREAU
Work for two double agents releasing noble gas DUET