Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 5 2018

Clues Answers
A number of waves sound terrifying in boat SERIES
Ain’t leaving the stationers or the stockholders? STORES
Atheist loses it in Rush HASTE
Bare tyres? Sorry – they’ve sold out! BETRAYERS
Christmas callers from the Mafia WISEGUYS
Courteous to The Right for the good of the community CIVILLIBERTY
Draft treatment perhaps of new Panto ONTAP
Foreign squire is a racy sort RISQUE
Gets in trouble and is put away INGEST
In the end, preserved Capital’s old building site hidden from view OBSCURED
It can be hard for enemies leaving meeting house TOUGH
It could be financially damaging for Bond holding onto last letters to post CRIPPLING
It’s important father contacts department on the phone KEYPAD
Keen about that woman taking fruit out of the greenhouse CHERRYTOMATO
Clues Answers
Miss first train in Clare going to Dublin, as shut up in private meeting CLOSETED
Norm takes short cuts from the allotment PARSNIPS
Nothing to do with Irish and English writing is more mischievous NAUGHTIER
Path to complex is by the milliner’s presumably TOPHAT
Praises a head of clan from States ACCLAIMS
Presumably, if you do drugs you’ll need this to give to drug dealer for your supply PRESCRIPTION
Prisoner expresses admiration for US Congress? POWWOW
Rank pasture to get into order FIELDMARSHAL
Selling wellies and small garden implements for spring SHOESHOP
Something for the consumers to break LUNCHHOUR
Sounds like a way out to take pleasure in ADORE
Straight away letters at the end of the page about Press start to disappear PRONTO
They lose sleep over argument, losing the head with newsmen shouting on the street WORRIERS
Vile green tea will need a few years to mature TEENAGER

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