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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jul 7 2018

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Clues Answers
36 across from the start is similar to Pulse, to be fairly frank BEATEN
A tax on artist retiring as virtual icon AVATAR
Alberta has no area for those who like to eat a sandwich BLT
American shindig to weed out the Blues HOEDOWN
Auden left unsteady, messy place STY
Back in reading station rejecting nothing RETRO
Came out of casino – smashed and confused with nose broken by 13 across (4,3’1,5) LOSTONESSHIRT
Can’t be found wool gathering LOSTINTHOUGHT
Chinese chairman gets hold of head gasket to bring home for small electric generator MAGNETO
Clear the air without Charlie – RIP TEAR
Compassionate old philosopher welcomes article HUMANE
Cover up vulnerable area of pasture LEA
Derive support from Noel going back over article LEANON
Excuse from man of letters why the post didn’t materialise LOSTINTRANSIT
Fit as a fiddle in Meath TRIM
Fragment of Thomas Aquinas’s autobiography is found in The Bahamas NASSAU
Heading off on hike with one of them on foot ARCH
His heart attack – the second – made Reich more restless ITCHIER
Missed by all sides today LOST
Clues Answers
Missing individuals from 30 across ran away when faced with danger (4,3’1,5) LOSTONESNERVE
New album by legend is over the top and a pain in the rear LUMBAGO
Pay for Express covering link to a royal SALARY
Plays around with words near Turkish capital – the old capital PUNT
Races in lane coming out of East Berlin TRIBES
Roots of old revolutionary Rising ORIGINS
Say hello to redhead in street from Jersey SHIRT
Showing WHO is missing evidence SIGN
Six leading actors from The Tube produced The Bridge VIADUCT
Snaky type gets to pull the plug on that lot from The Street ASPHALT
Some shady sources for the foreign manuscript ELMS
Strength of character is never wrong NERVE
Strongly recommend taking head off growth URGE
Take advantage of characters in museum USE
Tom left something to be picked up coming out of The Bay 6) NEIGHS
Turns up, wise men in Rio built something that looks good on paper in Far East ORIGAMI
Two of my parents’ parents overheard from abroad – they’re on the breadline NAANS
Type of chemical intern working around hospital THINNER
Upsets man from capital taking in marathon on island in Africa BURUNDI