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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 1 2018

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Clues Answers
A model is not the usual type ATYPICAL
Carpenter removes cap addressing person in temporary accommodation perhaps RENTER
Consume what’s produced in jihadi network DINE
Father admits taking post up in the house PARLIAMENT
Hurry up and put your foot down STEPONIT
It’s self-evident this describes 24 down TRUISM
Katy did horrible thing – it causes them to drop like flies perhaps INSECTREPELLENT
Live with director harmoniously DWELL
Looking back envoy lacks heart, meeting father figure finally in public EVERYONE
Made it a condition Germany named mysterious director DEMANDED
No place for petulance in The Sound of Music TUNE
One gets through to one of those with life in them despite The Troubles SURVIVOR
One of The Dwarfs is in charge of one of those types miles away SLEEPYHEAD
Padre’s not in Departures – is that to be believed? TRUE

Clues Answers
Park with snow leopard to broadcast from spring POUNCEON
Part of warehouse receipt for consumer USER
Retiring Swiss hero with record is shot PELLET
Sheepish type of medic touring Ireland MERINO
Short city gangster is put out by police sealing off crime scene presumably CORDON
Some characters override a decision that’s out of this world DEAD
Strips down lens amidst broadcast DISMANTLES
Suspicious tendencies of soldier on a small charge arising from being absent PARANOIA
Theoretical Latino on tour NOTIONAL
They may be significant to director in month synonymous with family celebration MOTHERSDAY
Use an anomaly to go to a doctor to diagnose this NAUSEA
Warrant for criminal nurse from Spain ENSURE
Women left unwelcome hint CLUE
You and me in the money from extended family COUSIN