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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 11 2018

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Clues Answers
American writing in slick magazine found in the back of the book GLOSSARY
Blows things out of all proportion perhaps by exaggerating what’s in The Mirror MAGNIFYINGGLASS
Forbids public houses serving drink BARS
Found in the gardening section in The Magazine ROCKET
From a general perspective, offers protection taking dogs out of guardrooms ARMOUR
Goes all round the circuit to review bistro ORBITS
Hand to one of those in the house for Ward LABOURER
Having the same opinion as top lawyer finding drugs hidden by wedding band AGREEING
Hit off tee? That’s something to chew over! TOFFEE
Hub off the autobahns coming from the concert hall SONATA
Incoherent type passed away over small local bar DISJOINTED
Is about to flip and that’s gross RETURN
It’s contrary to what’s expected of representative raising a section from the Bible PERVERSE
It’s not true college in Trim near IT has debts FICTITIOUS
Clues Answers
Looks after the boxers, among others, in the doghouse for going dancing KENNELCLUB
Makes oneself scarce as principles sound wide of the mark HEADSOFF
Most of the investigation in Ring is looking to recruit dealers perhaps CASINO
Neighbours in the air on the first transport overseas RAFT
Network of paths going around island from the farmer’s field MAIZE
Part of backlog repudiated by pantomime villain OGRE
Public house applause for new measures INNOVATION
Radio wave is key to setting up a musical band ROADIE
Scenes in play absolutely infuriates INCENSES
Smear CIA activity in the New World AMERICAS
Test, in a manner of speaking, in Cloud for preacher MORALIST
Type of music for Cork medley ROCK
What’s the chances of old maids losing mail? ODDS
Young woman takes hamster out of salt marshes LASS